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Our work on the Everglades Restoration Project.

Drilling & blasting since 1982

Headquartered in Estero, Florida, we provide drilling and blasting services for the construction, infrastructure, and mining industries throughout the state of Florida.

We’ve worked on multiple projects with the South Florida Water Management District and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

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Our worksite for the Everglades Restoration Project.


We reduce underground rock to rubble in accordance with precise requirements and specifications, to allow the building of commercial, industrial, and residential developments, lakes, golf courses, canals, waterways, and reservoirs.

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Titan Miami


Often our projects are done in phases and later phase construction occurs while earlier phases are occupied with residents.

We have refined our blasting technique to allow for blasting within 350 feet of an occupied structure by using light weight charges (6, 9, 12, 16, and 20-pound charges), while maintaining the required vibration limits set by the governing agency.

We have recently expanded our quarry drilling from depths of 20-40 feet to depths of up to 100 feet.

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Titan Corkscrew


Our worksite safety training, meticulous blast design, communication with prime contractors and other stakeholders, and adherence to state, county, and municipal rules and regulations has placed FES as the preeminent drilling and blasting contractor in the South Florida market.

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