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Our business is booming.

We provide drilling and blasting services—both construction and quarry—throughout all of South Florida.

We’ve worked on multiple projects with the South Florida Water Management District and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Read about our storied history, from our founding in 1982 to the projects we’re working on today.

1982 – 1991

FES was founded by an engineer who previously was a powder distributor for an explosives manufacturer in 1982. The blasting industry was largely segregated as either a drilling company or a blasting company and the founder thought “why not combine both” and so Florida Energy Services, Inc. was born.

The concept grew and FES offered turnkey drill/blast packages in throughout Broward County and central Florida. We continued to distribute explosives to select end users such as the sugar industry that utilized explosives for blasting ditches for watering their crops.

1992 – 1998

In 1992, the company sought expansion into the Naples/ Ft. Myers market and hired Rory Simons who had local contractor knowledge over the prior 15 years.

There were 6 other contractors in the business when the company started in southwest Florida but within several years all of them ceased to do business except FES. They left the market for various reasons, from not breaking the rock properly, violating regulations or not addressing neighbor’s property damage complaints properly.

Florida Energy Services, Inc. has always dealt with issues in an open and honest way. We do not want our business to affect our contractor customer in a negative manner. Our means of doing business has always been to conduct business in a professional and positive way.

This has provided federal, state, county and local regulators with a comfort level that they know that FES will conduct our business in a safe and consistent manner and staying well within the boundaries of the laws and regulations that we are governed by.

“Our goal is to safely provide our customers with what they need at a price and quality that they can expect and in a timely manner. We warrant our work that if the customer is not satisfied with what we have provided and as expected, FES will redo the work at no cost to our customer.”

In 1998, the founder of the company passed away in a small plane crash. Rory Simons then bought the business and continued to operate it.

1999 – 2013

The great recession affected the business severely from late 2006 to late 2012. We went from 7 crews down to none for most of those years. The 15 most valued employees were kept employed with the quarry work helping us to survive, but barely.

By early 2013, there was a huge pent-up demand by national builders to get back into community development in southwest Florida. FES began to flourish.

In other early work, we operated a drill at a large quarry in Freeport, Grand Bahamas from 2001 to 2011. In 2007, we drilled/blasted for a private island development in The Turks & Caicos.

As opportunities arise, we look for Caribbean work that is not risky. Most island projects are risky, but we are not afraid to look at them as we do have the experience of drilling off barges and doing remote and challenging projects.

2014 – Today

We have gained experience over the years of having done 10-12 smaller South Florida Water Management and United States Army Corp of Engineer projects. These projects are highly regulated, tedious at best but rewarding.

We have gained the respect of both entities and can manage the rigors and challenges presented to us by them and get the job done.

In the last few years, some large Everglades Restoration jobs have been bid with significant blasting requirements. We have since completed 2 projects successfully and the 3rd is near completion.

We have gained additional experience with these 3 projects. We are about to begin 2 more important Everglades Restoration projects in middle of 2023. More Everglades Restoration projects will follow.

FES is postured to continue bidding these large projects as our reputation allows us to secure this work because of our commitment and relationships with our customers.

Read about our past projects and customers, learn about our services, and contact us to discuss any and all of your drilling and blasting needs.