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Safety Mindset and Culture

Read an excerpt from our handbook to learn more about our safety culture.

The personal safety of each employee is of primary importance. The prevention of injuries and illness takes precedence over all operations.

Florida Energy Services Inc. has a strong focus on the safety of our team members, our customers and the general public. This is evident and illustrated thru our commitment to the components that make up a strong safety mindset and culture, to include:

Adherence to all rules, regulations, permit limits and SOPs/Protocols for regulatory agencies, customers as well as internal. As a Drill/Blast contractor with internal blasters, explosive storage and explosive operations, we are regulated federally by ATF-E who mandates a federal ATF license be in place with regular inspections to ensure compliance. All employees who handle explosive materials are background checked and on the list of approved explosive handlers. ATF requires explosive materials be inventoried and tracked for usage/storage and those records be always available for review/audits by ATF investigators/inspectors with no notice required.

State requirements for FES include a similar program to ATF-E regarding inspection of records, inventory etc. This is monitored by the Florida State Fire Marshals office. Additionally, FES is required to have on file User of Explosive permits for individuals in which testing to mandated standards is required before issue. Under the User license, FES must have all blasters in the company to also be tested and issued a permit for a FLorida State Blasters permit.

The Florida State Fire Marshals office also has the responsibility of investigating blasting complaints in the mining side of the industry. This includes vibration, air blast, fly rock and ensuring proper permits are in place at mines in which FES is working to harvest materials.

FES adheres to all MSHA regulations when on mining property, all employees are trained to MSHA Part 46 standards regarding new miner, experienced miner, annual refresher and task training requirements. MSHA regularly conducts inspections of equipment and areas in which FES teams are working and seldom is a violation found, and when it does occur it is handled with the strong focus required to get the hazard/issue corrected and measures taken to ensure it does not occur again in the future.